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Combos Page
Disclaimer: Due to the differences in body types, recovery times, and other factors, not all of these combos may work on all characters.  We have tried to test them thoroughly and regret any problems you may have.
This page lists the combos for each character. Follow any of the links below.
Luigi Mario Donkey Kong
Link Samus Captain Falcon
Ness Yoshi Kirby
Fox Pikachu Jigglypuff
General Information on the Combos pages

A combo is a series of moves that inflicts a significant amount of damage to your opponent. You will hit your opponent with one move and he will not be able to avoid the next move you use by jumping, blocking, or rolling out of the way.

The first move of each combo is done while your opponent is on the ground unless otherwise stated.  We list them as #-move combos instead of #-hit combos because there are many moves which result in a varying quantity of hits.  Our categorization simplifies things by letting you know how many moves you have to pull off to get the combo.

The advantage of combos is that you can take off a lot of damage and set up some quick launchers. The disadvantage is that many of them are difficult to pull off and, if you get too reliant on them, you will probably be beaten. We don't see these pages as the most important on this site; we emphasize the strategies pages. However, many of the combos are nice ways to take off extra damage every now and again.

The combos are described using the names of the moves listed in the basic moves tables.  These tables can be found above the combos on the character's page.

These combos have been tested to work when an opponent is at a certain damage level. If the combo fails, it is because your opponent is lower or higher on damage than the combo requires; this may be an error in our Damage level of opponent column for the combo.

Again, the damage we list for each combo is estimated and may be more or less; for example, it may be less if you are not using one of the moves in the combo for the first time against your opponent.