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Unofficial Guide to SSB Strategies
Basic moves* 
Board strategies 
Team strategies 

Character ranks 

General strategies 
Preferred conduct 
Finish the job 


*There is a 
separate page for 
each character 
for each of these 

Welcome to our page dedicated to one of our favorite games, Super Smash Brothers. On this site you will find the basic moves for each character, combos, and various strategies--here's a quick rundown: Basic Moves, Combos, Strengths, and Weaknesses all refer to each individual character. Weapons, Board and Team Strategies are self-explanatory while General Strategies are those strategies that do not pertain to any one character, weapon, or board. Preferred conduct consists of those strategies and tactics which we cannot condone as a part of fair play. And, finally, perhaps the most exciting section of them all, is the Reader Submissions page. 
There are a lot of SSB players out there who believe that they are the best player in the world. Well now they can make an attempt at proving it by sending in their best strategies for the rest of the gaming world to see. If you're one of those players, simply click on the appropriate link for all of the details. 
The only thing we will continue to not have information on are are codes--for that, just drop by IGN64. Thanks for visiting. 
Last update: December 3, 1999 (2:30 PM)
An actual update for this page??? Yeah, we've been gone for quite a while, but not without good reason. Dave and I are both graduating from college this semester and so have been plagued with many, many grueling assignments. But, you the readers have done a good job of coming through for us and provided us with some more great strategies for SSB. Hey, SSB is still #3 on the Blockbuster rental list. Therefore, you should expect regular updates again towards the end of December. 
Previous update: September 24, 1999 (3:00 PM)
Added a few new strengths to Yoshi to make him an even better choice of character. Also added a weapon specific
strength for Kirby to make those Hammer-using fiends cringe. Finally, updated the General Strategies page with information on ledge hanging and respawning.
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Disclaimers:  This page's authors do not work for Nintendo or HAL, we are not related to them at all, and we make no claims to be. All the artwork is based on characters who are copyrighted by Nintendo or HAL.  All the strategies, combos, moves, et al are based on the Nintendo game (the name of this game being trademarked by Nintendo).  This page merely contains information on strategies for playing Super Smash Bros.  As for the combos, thoughts, strategies, et al on this page, they are copyrighted by the authors and are not to be republished without our consent--please e-mail us at if you intend to republish our material. Please do not rip us off--we've spent a lot of time putting this page together and are committed to continuing with this dedication.  And, for more info on Super Smash Bros, visit the Nintendo-run site at