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Super Smash Brothers Submissions Page
Here is your chance, our readers, to make a huge difference in the amount of information that is being offered by our page. If you have any great strategies that you would like the rest of our readers to know, strategies that we have not yet covered, let us know by clicking here and emailing us. Let your SSB gaming ability be heard around the world and show everyone how and why you're kicking butt in your respective towns. This page also gives you an opportunity to offer up strategies covering subjects that we, the webmasters, do not wish to cover on our website. This includes fighting computer characters and completing the special boards. Therefore, you can even put up information that we don't even condone since it is not specifically our information. But remember that all material sent in to us is subject to review and editing before it is printed on the page and may not even make it onto the page in the first place. Finally, let us know what kind of credit you would like. E-mail address, a nickname, etc. It's all up to you. Thanks again.
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